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Custom Aquarium from Titan Aquatics
Your Aquarium Awaits You....

Your Aquarium Awaits You....

 LOOK NO FURTHER...Family Biz Fish Tanks will help make your aquarium dreams come true!  Our superior customer service combined with multiple aquarium manufacturer options will give you the edge in competitively priced premium aquariums.  Whether you are searching for an acrylic aquarium for your home, or a custom aquarium for your office, business, or institution, your search is through.  Every one of our acrylic aquariums is custom built to order, to ensure impeccable craftsmanship and quality.  We will pair your aquarium project with the best suited manufacturer for the task, be it a custom aquarium at moderate pricing, or a premium aquarium package with everything you need from start to finish.  Each acrylic tank is priced through a quote, for shipping can vary greatly depending on the aquarium and location.  Browse through our standard selection of acrylic aquariums and contact us to get started on purchasing your custom built acrylic aquarium.  Or head straight to our quote form to enter your custom aquarium details and design, and get a quote today! A friendly customer service representative will contact you as quickly as possible to help you with any questions, design concerns, or purchasing information you desire.

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Custom Aquarium Possibilities are Endless...

Custom Aquarium Possibilities are Endless...

Custom Aquarium
There are Many Advantages to Acrylic Aquariums...

There are Many Advantages to Acrylic Aquariums...

Some of the many benefits of acrylic include:                                                   
    *  Acrylic aquarium tanks provide less distortion than glass which makes for the clearest viewing experience possible
    *  Acrylic aquariums are lightweight, about half the weight of glass
    *  Acrylic won’t crack or break like glass fish tanks
    *  Acrylic aquariums provide better insulation for your fish
    *  Plumbing and filtration needs can be accommodated easier
    *  Acrylic aquarium tanks can be formed to any shape or size you desire 
    *  You can customize your acrylic aquarium stand as well

        An Aquatic Paradise Awaits You in Your Own Home, It’s Just a Click Away!

Artificial Coral Reef Inserts Look Real Without any Hassle

Artificial Coral Reef Inserts Look Real Without any Hassle

Custom Coral Reef Insert
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Because every aquarium is custom made, pictures are only representations of possibilities.

All sales are final due to the customized fabrication of each aquarium.